We are a diverse, open and accepting community of faith
that seeks and serves Christ in all persons, working for a just and inclusive world by embracing the risks of ministry and leadership as we encounter God in scripture, tradition and prayer.

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About Us

Wherever you are in your quest for belief St Ann's welcomes you.

St. Ann's is a faith community that seeks to witness to the unconditional love of God in Christ through worship, fellowship, spiritual growth and service. We welcome and invite others to share in our journey of faith. As Christians we place a high value on inclusivity, acceptance and openness.

St. Ann's is busy and vibrant. Our life is based on relationship with God in Christ, with each other and with those we are called to serve

What We Believe

We are a community of faith that believes in God through the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and through the continuing presence of the Holy Spirit. We uphold this faith as Christians in the Episcopal Church as part of the Anglican tradition. Our core values as a congregation include encountering God in scripture, tradition and prayer; embracing the risks of ministry and leadership; seeking and serving Christ in all people; celebrating the transforming power of the Holy Spirit; and working for a just and inclusive world.

Children and Youth

Check out updates on youth and children’s events, Children’s Chapel, and Christian education, along with suggestions for bringing the gospel to life with your family during the week.


The vibrancy and quality of our life and missions depends on lay ministry. We are blessed with intelligent, hardworking and gifted members. The giving of time and talent is valued and honored. It is a necessity in the life of our parish.


The Reverend

Kira Schlesinger

Interim Priest

The Reverend

Charlie Burdeshaw


John Lucianno

Director of

Laura Medeiros

Administrative Assistant

Megan Bilodeau

Child Care

Akeyia Claybrook

Child Care

Michael Lee



Johnathan Stephens

Sr. Warden

Ken Love

Jr. Warden

Laura Deitrick

Vestry Member

Kris Dixon

Vestry Member

Sandy Bennett

Vestry Member

Bill Richie

Vestry Member

Dan Reinker

Vestry Member

Joe Taylor

Vestry Member

Jonathan Sharpes

Vestry Member


Where can I park?

The main, small lot is in front of the church at the corner of 5th and Woodland, with an entrance off Woodland St. There is a second, larger, overflow parking lot with an entrance just a few yards further up from the first parking lot on Woodland St.

Is the church building handicapped accessible?


Is there childcare?

We have child care every Sunday during for worship and Sunday school and for other activities of the church whenever possible.

Is there a dress code?

Dress is an individual decision. There is no dress code!

How long is the service?

A typical Sunday worship service is between 60-75 minutes long

What should I expect when I attend a service at St. Ann's?

When you arrive,someone should greet you near the entrance into our worship area and give you an order of worship and a blue hymnal for use during the service.

What happens during a service at St. Ann's?

A few minutes before the service begins you will hear a short piece of music called the “Prelude.” This is usually a piece of instrumental music. The service will typically start with a hymn that the whole congregation will sing while standing. During the hymn there will be an entrance procession of those serving on the altar. This includes the acolyte, choir, the deacon, a chalice bearer for Communion and the priest. The service consists of congregational singing, anthems sung by our choir, readings from the Bible, prayers, a sermon, reciting of the Nicene Creed. Holy Communion follows when the bread and wine are consecrated and distributed to those in attendance.

Am I permitted to have Communion if not a member?

The church’s teaching is that those who are baptized in any denomination are welcome to receive the bread and wine. With that said, no one is checking ID’s at the altar rail. If a person is moved by the Holy Spirit and has an understanding of the Lord’s Supper then the decision is up to the individual. However, it is recommended that if a person continues to attend that you discuss membership with our priest.

What is the music like?

We sing mostly from the 1982 Hymnal of the Episcopal Church and other hymnal supplements of the Episcopal Church that reflect different styles of worship music. Music for worship is arranged according to seasons of the church - Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter and Pentecost. These seasons represent themes in the life of Jesus and the biblical church. Some songs might be quite familiar to you (such as songs located in the Christmas section) while many others may be new to you. In the Episcopal Church the parishioners do a fair amount of singing alongside the choir, so it's easy to learn the music.

Will I do a lot of kneeling and standing?

At St. Ann's we do not have “kneelers” During the service the congregation will be asked to stand at certain times for prayers, to recite a statement of belief and to sing -but do this only if you are able.

Is there anything during the Episcopal Church worship which may embarrass me or make me feel uncomfortable?

There are two moments in the service that might be more challenging for shy people. First, is “Passing of the Peace.” People greet each other exchanging the Peace in the name of God. Most people shake hands or even hug the people immediately seated around them. Some people will even cross the room to greet other people in their joyfulness. It is perfectly fine to refrain from giving or accepting hugs or to just keep to yourself until you feel more comfortable.
Second, during the announcements the priest welcomes visitors to the church. The priest invites first time visitors to stand to allow parishioners to acknowledge their presence as a visitor. Standing at this time is voluntary. You will not be singled out, asked to say anything or come forward to speak. By acknowledging our visitors helps us to offer greetings and hospitality after the service. We hope that this warm welcome will allow you to feel at home at St. Ann's and consider coming back again

Do I have to give the church money when I attend?

No. Making a financial offering is completely voluntary and should be done freely. All donations that are not designated are used for the programs and ministries of the congregation in our current operating budget.

Are there other ways I can give and offer help out besides contributing money?

Certainly. The Episcopal Church values the giving of time and talent in volunteering for programs and outreach efforts of the parish. You are welcome to learn more about volunteering your time and talent by talking with our priest.

What if I am Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer (LGBTQ?) Am I welcome at St. Ann's?

Yes. St. Ann's welcomes all people interested in learning about, celebrating and showing in word and action the unconditional love of God that is the gospel message of Jesus Christ. We have a history and reputation for being inclusive and advocates for LGBTQ equality in our denomination and in the city of Nashville.

What is the Episcopal Church's stance on LGBTQ membership?

The Episcopal Church is one of the more progressive Christian denominations in the United States on issues of gender and sexual equality. Our national church leadership supports the full inclusion of LGBTQ people from ordination to the blessing of same sex couples and the blessing of same sex civil marriages. Yet there are members of the Episcopal Church still wrestling with ways to make a place for LGBTQ in the total life and ministry of the Episcopal Church. These attitudes vary from diocese to diocese and church to church

What is the Episcopal Church’s stance on same sex marriage and the blessing of a civil union of same sex couples?

Same sex marriage and the blessing of same sex civil unions has been endorsed and allowed in the Episcopal Church. The permission to perform same sex marriages and blessings varies from diocese to diocese depending upon the permission of the bishop. In the Diocese of Tennessee, of which St. Ann’s belongs, our bishop is one of a very few bishops who has not permitted marriage or blessings of same sex couples. The priest and members of St. Ann’s stand in solidarity with others in the diocese in support of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters, to accommodate such weddings and blessings, and to change the policy in our diocese.

What if I am interested in becoming a member? What do I do? What should I know?

Again, our priest, Rick Britton, is happy to meet with you. Here is some basic information. The Episcopal Church recognizes baptism in the name of God, Son and Holy Spirit as the basis for membership. “There is One Lord, one Faith, one Baptism; One God and Father of all” (Ephesians 4:4-6). It does not matter if the baptism was full immersion into water or sprinkling at a baptismal font.
After becoming involved through worship and other ministries and meeting with the priest, the ‘formal’ process for membership is entering the person’s name and baptism date (and confirmation date if applicable) into our Parish Membership Register. This is a simple process that begins with a written request to the person’s previous congregation where the person’s information is recorded.
Membership also goes beyond the formal process. It is strongly recommended that new members from another denomination participate in the Inquirer’s Classes held once a year. These classes offer the opportunity to learn more about the life, ministry, discipline, faith and worship as a Christian in the tradition and teachings of the Episcopal Church. When these classes are completed a person can participate in the Sacrament of Confirmation or be received into the Episcopal Church or reaffirm baptismal vows. These services require the participation of a bishop and are a time of celebration for the entire congregation.
For those still deciding on membership the Inquirer’s Class can be used to reflect and learn more about the Episcopal Church.

How can I learn more about St. Ann’s and the Episcopal Church?

Understanding life in a faith community like ours is ultimately best achieved through the lived and unique personal experience of Christian fellowship. Worship with us and get to know us. Our priest is more than happy to meet with you. Just contact him and work out a time.

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